Texas OCCC issues advisory bulletin to licensees on how to remain in compliance while dealing with Harvey aftermath

September 8, 2017

Our friend ROb Norcross at CSAT sent over some really good details that he had gathered in response to the OCCC issuing advisory bulletins to licensees on how to remain in compliance while dealing with Harvey aftermath.  I scraped some of those details and organized them below for CAB stakeholders in Texas, and business owners […]

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The infamous and continuously failing Texas Payday Loan City Ordinance.

August 22, 2017

Since Texas cities began passing the infamous and continuously failing Texas Payday Loan City Ordinance there has been a decrease of 1,300 or so licensed locations inside the State.  According to the most recent OCCC licensee totals, this represents a 37% market shrink.  The results have been a shuttering of businesses in Texas, a loss […]

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The OCCC is seriously focused on Credit Access Business Examinations right now – are you ready?

August 21, 2017

Over the last several weeks there has been a significant uptick in OCCC examinations of our Credit Access Business friends and clients.  Are you ready for the OCCC to walk in your door?  Chances are if you are a member of TOFSC or if you are a client of of CAB Consulting you are in […]

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OCCC Compliance Basics from CAB Consulting

June 27, 2017

Just a reminder for all of you CABs out there – continually review your Consumer Transaction Information Disclosures & Fee Schedules. Many times throughout the course of the year CAB operators may change their CAB fee amounts or offer different loan products such as offering multi-payment installment loans, payday loans, or auto title loans.  When […]

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The Houston Chronicle is dabbling in the in Payday and Title Loan conversation again

June 20, 2017

Babin, DiNardo: State should not loosen payday lender regulations. Written by Anna M. Babin and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo.  Let’s take a minute and dice up this Houston Chronicle piece on Texas Credit Access Businesses.  The newspaper was apparently not satisfied with their role in passing the Houston “Payday Loan Ordinance” which caused a massive amount of […]

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CFPB released a new kind of complaints report

June 19, 2017

After not being able to find the CFPB monthly complaint report on payday loans last week, I found it Wednesday which was a bit later than normal.  The delay might have been because it is a different kind of report, it is focused on “older” complainants who were 62+ years of age. This new format […]

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Payday Boot Camps offered by CAB Consulting at Partner store location in Austin, Texas

June 15, 2017

CAB Consulting has partnered with Star of Texas Financial Solutions in the Austin, Texas area to offer live in-store training sessions to start ups wanting wide and narrow scope guidance on how to get going with their payday, installment, or auto title loan venture.  As well, Payday Boot Camps are often conducted for existing companies […]

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Use the OCCC’s Alecs portal to file annual and quarterly reports

June 9, 2017

Did you know that the OCCC has added the capability of filing your Annual and Quarterly reports to the Alecs portal?  That is right, you no longer need to access the separate reporting area – everything you need is done right inside of your company’s Alecs portal. Login to Alecs, click “Manage my Business” in […]

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The Texas Payday Loan Ordinance suffers another blow, this time Abilene voted it down.

May 12, 2017

Down goes another “payday down city ordinance! On Thursday, April 27th. 2017 the Abilene City Council did right thing and voted “NO” on the so-called “payday loan city ordinance.” Things do not seem to be going very well for the payday loan city ordinance these days the truth is really starting to get out that […]

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Huge blow dealt to the “Payday Loan Ordinance” in Texas (and more to come!)

March 21, 2017

Around March 1st a huge blow was dealt to the “Payday Loan Ordinance” in Texas.  The news came out that an Austin court had ruled in favor of Credit Access Businesses in (2) lawsuits related to the ordinance where the City of Austin was sued.  In those cases, the court ruled that the ordinances were […]

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