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Transition & Training Pckg

The Transition and Training package is a comprehensive program that includes all of the items from the CAB Packet but goes many steps further with its commitment to taking your company from a non-licensed CSO to a fully licensed and compliant CAB in just a few months. C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage will work directly with ownership or designated team leaders to make sure the steps towards license approval are taken, that your teams are educated with proper information, and that your operation is compliant with OCCC regulations. Because C.A.B Consulting and Brokerage works with its own attorney, who is experienced in the payday loan industry, we can offer this package to you with all of its elements at a lesser cost than completing the process internally.

Summary of included items and services:


•Collaboration with Texas CSO owners or designated employees to manage the complete licensing process
•Continued management to file quarterly transaction reports beginning April 2012
•Owners, managers, and employees attend a 1-hour online training course
•Mystery Shopping option offered twice per month completed by experienced consultants
•Provide your business with the C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage “Certificate of Completion”


•Neatly organized task checklist
•O.C.C.C. authenticated, verified, and approved
•Fee Schedules for use on documents, web-sites, and at retail locations
•Disclosure form templates with instructions
•Provide template documents for use in license application
•State of Texas Credit Access Business application with instructions
•Loan documents for consummation loans


•Reference copies of important laws and regulatory publications
•A summary letter of transition process and final copy of OCCC Credit Access Business rules
•Add your company employees, managers, and ownership to our company Newsletters, Emails, RSS Feeds so that we can continue to educate your organization when needed, help your teams stay abreast of developments, and share with you opportunities that may benefit your organization

To learn more about details and specifics of this package, contact C.A.B Consulting and Brokerage at cabconbrokerage@gmail.com or call 214-293-8676.

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