Babin, DiNardo: State should not loosen payday lender regulations. Written by Anna M. Babin and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo. 

Let’s take a minute and dice up this Houston Chronicle piece on Texas Credit Access Businesses.  The newspaper was apparently not satisfied with their role in passing the Houston “Payday Loan Ordinance” which caused a massive amount of closures in the City.  They still take up this reckless cause with Consumer Advocate and Church Groups by giving them a full and open forum to wage the war against the businesses that offer these loans and the people who need them.  The Ordinance raises payment amounts.  How does that help?  And the Chronicle looks the other way when this article’s authors say they do not want to put us out of business? Are they saying that with a straight face or with a wink and a smile?

So here is something new.  The 180-day limit on loans is something that Rep. Dan Flynn asked the Attorney General to look at, as it can be a limiting rule that restricts credit in a way that is unattractive to consumers.  The article stated that “At the close of the 85th Texas legislative session, an opinion request was submitted to the Attorney General to loosen restrictions in the Texas Finance Code for payday and auto title businesses that would allow for payment of loans to go beyond the 180-day limit that is clearly stated in the law.”  It went on to also say that “If the limit is lifted, payday and auto title lenders will only be required to guarantee that the arrangement of the loan is completed in 180 days, essentially expanding the length of the loan payback period indefinitely.”

Here comes the artful stroke of the brush: “Opening the door to longer-term loans would be a “devastating” blow to the hard-working, lower-income Texans who use these loans to cover basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing.”  No.  Longer term loans mean more time to pay the loan back and lower payments.  More time to pay back means more flexibility and ability for the average borrower to manage their finances.  Lower payments mean more choices and less defaults.  How exactly is that going to be “devastating?” 

And then the qualifying disclaimer: “Our goal is not to put the payday and auto title lending industries out of business, but to ensure that reasonable regulations are in place to protect those most in need of the loans.”  (Ok, riiiiggghhht.  Grownups know better unfortunately.  These people want us out of business.

Here is the deal – Texas Credit Access Businesses have to fight and scrap every single day against people who are working to put us out of business via “thoughtful, meaningful, modest, additional restrictions.” It comes from all angles across the State and media outlets like the Houston Chronicle take up the cause without any word from our side whatsoever.  So, what happens?  41% of Credit Access Businesses in Texas close in a 4-year period.  There were 3,500 in 2013 now there are about 2,100.  With this 180-day rule, it is an issue for us that would help our CABs and customers.

Are the people who wrote and supported this article satisfied with the successful implementation of “thoughtful, meaningful, modest, additional restrictions” in the Payday Loan City Ordinance? No way – they still offer up their opinions on websites and newspapers and enjoy a wide-open forum to instill their false narrative.  These groups will not be satisfied until loans are free and that is no endorsement of the “American Way,” it is more Socialism than anything else.

This article was written and supported by people who want to shut us down.  And for some more fun, check out the hypocrisy below, the United Way accepted money from Texas Credit Access Businesses, $30,000 in fact.  Yet they are one of the groups we have seen bring on the hate speech at multiple City Ordinance hearings at City Council meetings across the State. I mean they really go for it – they HATE us and want others to think we are the devil reincarnated!

  • Anna Babin, President and CEO of the United Way of Greater Houston. (United Way accepted a $30,000 grant from Texas CABs! We can’t be all that bad, can we?)
  • Cardinal DiNardo is a Cardinal overseeing the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
  • Stephen M. Fraga of Tejas Office Products Inc.
  • Irma Diaz-Gonzalez of E.T.C. Inc.
  • Lynne Liberato, chair of United Way THRIVE. (United Way accepted a $30,000 grant from Texas CABs! We can’t be all that bad, can we?)
  • Ping Sun of Yetter Coleman.
  • Dr. Steve Wells of South Main Baptist Church.

Here is the link to the press release about the $30,000 grants from Texas Credit Access Businesses to the United Way: 

Here is the link to the Houston Chronicle piece:

This blog post was written by Michael Brown, President of CAB Consulting and the Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers.  He can be reached at 214-293-8676, or


CFPB released a new kind of complaints report

by The CAB Man Texas on June 19, 2017

After not being able to find the CFPB monthly complaint report on payday loans last week, I found it Wednesday which was a bit later than normal.  The delay might have been because it is a different kind of report, it is focused on “older” complainants who were 62+ years of age.

This new format report focused on just one month, and discloses that payday loan industry had (23) complaints versus (27) in the prior month.  That is a 28% decrease and is very much in line with all of the other reports that have been released I believe this is #23.

There have been 1,610 CFPB complaints submitted on the payday loan industry since complaints started being taken in November 2013, and (60) “older complaints” have been submitted since November 2013.

Overall, 1,163,000+ total complaints have been submitted so far to the CFPB covering all industries not just ours.  1,610 o, so PDL has a .001387931 complaint ratio!

Here is a link to the CFPB’s published report:

This blog post was written by Michael Brown, President of CAB Consulting and the Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers.  He can be reached at 214-293-8676, or


Payday Boot Camps offered by CAB Consulting at Partner store location in Austin, Texas

June 15, 2017

CAB Consulting has partnered with Star of Texas Financial Solutions in the Austin, Texas area to offer live in-store training sessions to start ups wanting wide and narrow scope guidance on how to get going with their payday, installment, or auto title loan venture.  As well, Payday Boot Camps are often conducted for existing companies […]

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Use the OCCC’s Alecs portal to file annual and quarterly reports

June 9, 2017

Did you know that the OCCC has added the capability of filing your Annual and Quarterly reports to the Alecs portal?  That is right, you no longer need to access the separate reporting area – everything you need is done right inside of your company’s Alecs portal. Login to Alecs, click “Manage my Business” in […]

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The Texas Payday Loan Ordinance suffers another blow, this time Abilene voted it down.

May 12, 2017

Down goes another “payday down city ordinance! On Thursday, April 27th. 2017 the Abilene City Council did right thing and voted “NO” on the so-called “payday loan city ordinance.” Things do not seem to be going very well for the payday loan city ordinance these days the truth is really starting to get out that […]

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Huge blow dealt to the “Payday Loan Ordinance” in Texas (and more to come!)

March 21, 2017

Around March 1st a huge blow was dealt to the “Payday Loan Ordinance” in Texas.  The news came out that an Austin court had ruled in favor of Credit Access Businesses in (2) lawsuits related to the ordinance where the City of Austin was sued.  In those cases, the court ruled that the ordinances were […]

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The devil is in the details

February 27, 2017

Check your work!  Last week my team and I released a blog about Carlos Uresti, a San Antonio based Senator whose offices had been raided by the FBI.  We happened to know that a politician by the name of Uresti in the San Antonio area had also written a bill that would attempt to “cap” […]

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You are not going to believe what CFPB spends its money on

February 14, 2017

I just about fell out of my Toyota Prius when I learned what the CFPB spends its money on.  Anyone who has been watching the CFPB has probably heard about how the expenses there are out of control, but this was a mind blower.  Come to find out, they have actually been getting looked at […]

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City Ordinance is shot down in Lubbock.

February 10, 2017

Some very positive news came out of Lubbock with the City Council voting down the “Payday Loan Ordinance” by a vote 5 to 2.  Credit Access Business owners all across Texas were impressed by Lubbock’s push back of the liberal backed City Ordinance.  Ordinances across Texas have shut down over 40% of Credit Access Businesses […]

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Another City Ordinance passes in Texas. (Canyon)

February 10, 2017

Canyon, Texas The City of Canyon, Texas has enacted a “Payday Loan” ordinance. Per News Channel 10 in Amarillo, the City Council of Canyon enacted the ordinance on Monday of this week. Canyon is located about 18 miles south of Amarillo and has a population of just over 13,000.  The City of Amarillo said many of their […]

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