Who We Are

Who We Are

Who is C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage?

C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage is a payday industry based business that assists other companies in the traditional consulting sense as they operate in the dynamic financial services sector.  We learn needs and call on our industry knowledge and relationships to provide solutions to our clients.

Also, we operate as a broker who facilitates new relationships between companies and collaborate to help them execute deals.

Our strengths are centered around payday industry licensing, compliance, capital, acquistions, procedures, and operations in the payday and auto title loan industy. It is our goal to build relationships, understand needs, and provide pathways to achieving goals.

C.A.B. Consulting is headed by Michael Brown.  Michael attended high school at W.B. Ray in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He later attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a degree Radio Television and Film in 1996.  In his later years at Texas he began focusing on Advertising Sales and started his career by working for several Radio and Television stations.  In early 2003 Michael and a trusted partner started an online payday loan website named My Cash Time.com.  Starting with just an online lending operation, the company eventually grew into the retail sector where they operated stores in Utah, New Mexico, and Texas.

Michael is married to a stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful woman named Amanda. Together they have two children, Dylan and Amelia.