What We Do

What We Do

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CAB Manual

The CAB Manual contains the basic information needed to start the licensing and compliance transition process. Ordering this manual from C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage will assemble all necessary elements to begin the transition process, eliminating the need to go to more than one place for initial information, guidance, and paperwork. The manual materials are offered in print and online for our client’s reference when needed. Summary of included items:

•Transition process summary and opinion letter with important information related to the new license and licensing process
•Compliance summary and opinion letter with important information related to notices and disclosures
•Reference copies of important laws and regulatory publications
•Rules summary with interpretation and comments
•License application documents
•Inclusion of company members to the CAB Consulting and Brokerage Newsletters, Emails, and RSS Feeds

Collections and Debt Sale

C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage has a unique relationship with a debt selling platform that assists clients in liquidating their bad debt portfolios quickly and easily to the highest bidder.  Finding the right source for this end of your business is critical, and partnering with the right people is step one.

Competitive Advantage

The most competitive businesses provide benefits to customers beyond just a payday loan in exchange for their commitment.  C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage possesses a set of specific opportunities that are available for companies to utilize in this manner.  Let us work with you to implement new programs that broaden your relationship with your customers.  Providing benefits and increasing communication will give your business a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.  Also, improving the company image and marketing online is an area of great need for our small to midsize payday loan clients.

Compliance Consulting Services

C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage works for Texas CAB’s who are planning a transition towards a new Credit Access Business license or those who already have.  We are all still relatively new to “CAB,” so a continual review is smart, where one might pinpoint potential red flags, and gain more understanding the laws & rules.  C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage has turn-key plans ready to ensure that each CSO-CAB we work with will have their license request approved, be prepared.  We are also working with an on-site independent auditor who can do audit files and troubleshoot problems in stores across Texas.

Consumer Loan Contracts

Many operators invest thousands of dollars with industry experienced attorneys to have their Consumer Loan Contracts written.  While it is always recommended to consult an attorney, some operators choose to rely on the contracts generated by their software company.  At times, these documents are used by many different clients of the software company, are basic, and do need re-working so they can be precisely applicable to your business.  CAB Consulting offers a set of Consumer Loan Contracts that have been written by an industry experienced attorney.  And, over the last 18 months CAB Consulting has worked hard to make improvements on the contracts as OCCC rules and regulations began to be more clearly understood by the industry.  Having a strong set of Consumer Loan Contracts is a top priority and a great way to ensure a passing grade in your next OCCC examination.

Corporation Startup, Filings, and Formation

The filing of corporate setup documents for LLC’s and Corporations is something that CAB Consulting ended up being positioned to do more for convenience of the client and the saving of time.  Working through Texas SOS and the IRS website to get a Tax ID #, Register a Business, or file an assumed name certificate can be done much more quickly by CAB Consulting versus some of the other “pay for service and filing” companies online.


C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage aims to be the go to source of information as payday and auto title loan businesses transition from Credit Service Organizations to Credit Access Businesses.  January 1, 2012 was the mandated date for all current payday and auto title loan operators in Texas to be certified as CAB compliant businesses.  C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage will not only educate clients on the details of the transition, but develop long term relationships to build stronger companies into the future. Small to mid-size operators in Texas need to be informed about the laws & rules, to be kept abreast of developing changes, and to maintain a continual focus on operating in a compliant fashion.  C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage is building its business around the needs of these clients.

Investment Opportunities

From time to time CAB Consulting is approached by individuals and organizations that are looking to passively invest in the payday industry.  There are two channels in which this can be done: the Third Party Lender, or investment on the operator side with growth capital.  As well, startups and existing operators who are growing contact CAB Consulting to discuss their desire or need for investment capital.  If you need money for growth or have capital available for investment in the industry, contact us.


CAB Consulting has helped dozens of entities get licensed in the State of Texas as a Credit Access Business.  We work with operators to prepare for the submission of the CAB Application, make sure its the best it can be, communicate with OCCC during the process, and handle any hiccups that come up along the way.  So far, not a single client we have worked with has been denied a license!

Marketing & Advertising Ideas and Strategy, Customer Customer Acquisition Plans

CAB Consulting has developed a wide array of different marketing and advertising ideas, plans, and strategies, both B2B and B2C.   When working with startups many times they are new to the business and considerable time must be spent with these clients on strategy, how to get customers in the door, and how to engage consumers once they are in the lobby.  Sample materials, web designs, referral programs, and dba recommendations are just a few of the areas where CAB Consulting can step in and help a startup get their business opened with tools for success.

Payday Boot Camps

Two close associates of CAB Consulting are Tri-House Consulting and Paid 2 Day, since June of 2012 our three groups have been putting on the “Payday Boot Camp.”  The Payday Boot Camps are two day in-store training sessions for persons interested in starting a payday or auto title loan business.  Typically, the clients fly in from their hometown location, and spend two full days in the Paid 2 Day store.  The agenda covers both a “macro,” and “micro” look at the industry, where the attendees are taken through detailed strategy sessions, their business plans are reviewed, commented on, and adjusted if need be.  Training in a “live” store also gives the attendees a chance to watch a loan get funded and see a payment get taken.  Instruction on in store compliance and store organization is also provided.  After the Payday Boot Camp our goal is for the operator to have a clear vision of where they are headed with their startup, and to go along with that they will have direct experience with some of the biggest keys to running  successful payday business.  Paid 2 Day is owned by Danny Verrette, a California payday lender in Lake Forest, about 50 miles South of Los Angeles.  The Paid 2 Day store is setup like a typical payday loan store, but also has offices and a conference room that are ideal for instruction during camp sessions.  Tri-House Consulting is headed by Jer Ayles-Ayler.  Jer is the original source behind the Payday Boot Camp and is also an industry leader, blogger, conduit, and overall expert in high level thinking when it comes to payday business.

Sales and Acquisitions

Because of the relationships we have in the industry many times CAB Consulting is approached by organizations that are looking to acquire businesses.  CAB Consulting has connected many existing clients to buyers and played a role in the many successful sale transactions.  Some deals have required full and complete leadership by CAB Consulting, and others have simply been the exchange of the contact information between parties.  Being a part of a multitude of deals has given CAB Consulting important perspective on how the process works, how to arrive at values for a business, market valuations, licensing transition, and third party lender issues that come along with the transaction.

Software Vendor Recommendations and Introductions

CAB Consulting has direct experience with many software providers in the payday industry.  Over time, we have accumulated a valuable database of information about these providers and have placed it all into CAB Consulting Software Matrix.   The Software Matrix is comprised of 50 important questions that every company should ask when evaluating what software option may be best for them.  The answers come directly from representatives of the companies and can be a huge time and money saver.

Supplementary Documents, Procedures, Checklists, Requirements

All of the “supplementary” documents necessary for business to operate can be provided by CAB Consulting.  Documents necessary for compliance such as Fee Schedules and OCCC Consumer Disclosures do take some time, and require the ability to calculate APR%.  As well, internally created documents like customer application forms, denial letters, privacy policy, requirements for approval, employee guides, and evaluation checklists are available to clients.

Third Party Lender Connections

An important component to the CSO-CAB is its choice of Third Party Lender. C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage represents several entities who are actively seeking to step in as the lender for CAB approved businesses. If growth capital is a need for your business, C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage has the necessary relationships to support your growth.

Variety of loan products: Payday, Title, Installment

The Credit Access Business license covers payday loans, auto title loans, and installment loans in Texas.  CAB Consulting directs its clients on each of these business models, can assist in development of fee structure, and provide competitive data on other CAB’s fee structure, state averages, etc.