The Ultimate Goal of C.A.B. Consulting and Brokerage is to create an Association of  Independently owned small to mid-size Payday Loan business owners that is focused these core principles:

1.Longevity – secure your company’s long term future.
2.Legitimacy – stand and be recognized, state your opinions, and respect best practices.
3.Compliance – build relationships with governmental agencies, provide feedback, and establish favorable rules.
4.Competition – offer more to your customer, be flexible, personal,  and active in your relationships.
5.Power –  there is strength in numbers.


There are  a number of industry trade groups that have already been founded, but so far the small to mid-size companies have not been fully represented. Why?  Perhaps it was due to lack of time, money, or  knowledge.  Or, perhaps the smaller companies felt the larger companies would advocate their needs and in  turn take care of everyone in the business.  That assumption led them to a false sense of security and gave them a  reason not to act.  It is a fact that the economics, abilities, and operation of a small payday loan operations and those of the larger ones are much different.  So, it is a worthwhile endeavor to bring together the small to midsize businesses, give them a voice, provide them benefits, and empower them to compete for long-term market share.