Helping Green Dot and other pre-paid card holders get funded on loans…good or bad idea?

Helping Green Dot and other pre-paid card holders get funded on loans…good or bad idea?

by The CAB Man Texas on November 21, 2019

Lending to Green Dot Card Customers – is this a good or bad idea?  Many feel these and other pre-paid card accounts carry too much risk because the card holders are not as “married” to the card versus the commitment assumed is had with a traditional bank with local branches. 

We had one TOFSC member call about working with Green Dot consumers and it was brought up that another well-known East Texas operator has been doing it with a high degree of success.  So TOFSC asked this former “CAB of the Year” and “TOFSC All-Star” to share his experiences with this so far. 

Below are some excerpts from the conversation…


·         Accepting Green Dot has been viable for (4) years now.

·         Green Dot is loadable at a lot of places – this is good for customers because each load location really acts as a bank.

·         Green Dot cards have a routing #, acct #, bank statement, username, password.

·         Takes direct deposit, SSI, etc.

·         Some customers get paid 2 days early.


·         They offer a “vault” where vendor access to funds is blocked…so cardholders can turn card off / on.

·         Direct Deposit hits at 2am, sends alerts to customer that alert them to debit attempts.

·         You will lose all disputes on chargebacks.

Many storefronts may not be seeing many pre-paid cards as their system is pre-programmed to automatically deny applications with most of the common pre-paid card brands entered into the bank account field.   If you are ready to experiment with Green Dot (largest card brand in the US) then remove that filter and move forward with caution as you learn this niche of potentially higher risk applicants. 

This blog post was written by Michael Brown, President of CAB Consulting and the Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers.  He can be reached at 214-293-8676, or

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