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With over 3,000 registered payday loan businesses and 25 million people, Texas represents one of the most prolific markets for Lenders in the industry. One significant reason for this is the state’s licensing structure, called the “CSO Model” or “CAB Model.” You can read more about each of these models on our web-site’s “CSO – Old Way” and “CAB – New Way” pages.

The model requires that Credit Services Organizations (CSO’s), and Credit Access Businesses (CAB’s) operate alongside the 3rd Party Lender who provides the funds for loans to consumers.

Yes, despite the fact that many CSO’s and CAB’s do have the assets for loan funding they can never be used for that purpose, and arm’s length relationships with other entities must be established to play that role if they wish to participate in the robust Texas market.

In the arrangement, a CSO or CAB functions as a broker who markets its services, administers the loan process, and assists the consumer in attaining the loan much like a co-signer.

The 3rd Party Lender’s role is often a silent and secure one.  Interaction with the customer is rare, and it is common for the Lender’s proceeds to be guaranteed by the CSO / CAB with collateral in a number ways.

Are you a CSO or CAB that needs a Lender?

Have the new requirements and rules related to the Credit Access Business licensing process forced you to seek another Lender?

Are you interested in exploring the opportunities available to investors serving as Lenders in the CSO / CAB Model?

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